About Us

Who we are...smartpr is a combination business consultancy and public relations firm that provides “blue chip” representation at boutique prices to emerging businesses. smartpr utilizes senior-level professionals with a breadth and depth of experience in communication strategy and implementation. These professionals have backgrounds that run the gamut from in-house management positions at Fortune 100 companies to executive positions at major public relations agencies.

How we work...Whether our company is engaged for consulting alone or to develop a comprehensive program, each client relationship begins with a messaging/positioning workshop, which clarifies and supports a company’s short-and long-term business and communication goals and objectives. If the decision is to develop and implement a complete communication program, following the workshop, smartpr can provide a plan that could consist of any number of services.

What our process is…smartpr has a proven process for helping business owners and entrepreneurs to communicate a company’s value in a compelling way to industry experts, news media, customers, prospects, potential partners and other stakeholder groups, such as investors, that can be critical to the success of the business.

The process consists of:

  • a review of your business and marketing plans, leading to…
  • a strategy for communicating your messages and positioning, implemented with…
  • tactics that take full advantage of the diverse media available today.

What our process does…Our process recognizes that there is a communication equation consisting of a “buy side” and a “sell side,” and that this equation is served by a “communication supply chain.” We help our clients understand that every segment within that chain has its own agenda and to understand how to leverage those agendas to forward their own.

The process enables our clients to communicate persuasively with both sides of the equation and to take as much control as possible of how their messages get to the desired audiences. The communication equation is defined as:

  • The “buy side”: these are influencers who “buy into” a company’s vision and therefore help validate it in the marketplace.
  • These influencers include:
    • Industry experts/market-research analysts
    • The news media (who are influenced by industry experts)
    • Investors (who are influenced by industry leaders/observers, customers and media)
  • The “sell side”: made up of the people who do or will purchase a company’s products and/or services–its customers or potential customers. Satisfied members of this side also become part of the “buy side,” influencing the marketplace.

Companies need the validation of “buy side” influencers and “sell side” customers. To achieve this, they must take control of their communications, be proactive instead of reactive, defining themselves to mitigate the risk of others misdefining them.

They must develop their “soft assets”–invaluable intangibles that do not appear on the balance sheet; namely, intellectual property, reputation and credibility. Once established, marketplace credibility can be managed and leveraged to support marketing and sales efforts, as well as a company’s investor-related activities.

smartpr’s process provides a roadmap for a successful Marketplace Credibility Management program.

Besides having all the necessary business ingredients–a compelling market opportunity, a solid business plan, a unique product or service and experienced management–there is nothing more vital to potential success than being able to passionately articulate who you are and what your value proposition is to the right people at the right time. And, ultimately, to have the right influencers endorse your concept and enough customers to buy what you are selling.

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