Why smartpr

While smartpr is expert at defining and implementing the tactical elements of a “PR” program, we believe it is to its clients’ advantage to have the emphasis of any effort placed on the “smart” part of developing a program; namely, the underlying strategic thinking and planning.


The smartpr perspective

Many agencies jump too soon to tactics, particularly in the area of media relations. Often they cave in to pressure from a client who might be his/her own worst enemy. Strategy should drive a program, not the desire for media coverage, which is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Targeted media are the vehicles through which well-thought-out, truthful and compelling messages can be consistently delivered to desired audiences.
Agencies do not always realistically price programs, for fear they might be asking for “too much” and not “win” the business. So, if they do win the business, the budget they have to execute the program will likely not be sufficient to support the staff or the staff time necessary to succeed. smartpr is upfront about what can – and what cannot - be accomplished for available dollars. smartpr will help a company assess/prioritize its needs, making recommendations that are appropriate to a given budget and the stage at which a company is in.
In traditional-model agencies, it is most often necessary for the firms to seek long-term, retainer-based financial commitments from clients. smartpr’s "virtual model" allows for pricing flexibility. Varying types of fee arrangements can be made based on hourly rates, project rates or retainers. smartpr enjoys working with companies even in the short term.
While they may say they are capable of serving clients well in all practice areas, agencies often cannot, and, in some cases, should not attempt to take care of all a client’s needs, particularly on a contractually long-term basis. Different agencies have different areas of expertise and varying levels of staff availability at any given moment. If a client’s program requires resources beyond smartpr’s immediate capabilities at any given moment, smartpr will gladly partner with or make referrals to other professionals/firms.
Sometimes clients are the victims of “bait and switch”: the people who pitched and won the business are not the ones who work on the business. And agencies have been known to have inexperienced junior staff responsible for an account without the client’s knowledge. smartpr does not engage in the practice of “bait and switch.” Clients always know who is working on their accounts. smartpr professionals are all highly skilled communicators, most with decades, not just years, of experience.
Sadly, agencies have been known to overpromise and underdeliver. At smartpr: "Well done is better than well said." (Benjamin Franklin)